How to Forge Resilient Relationships in the Heat of Change

Author Michael Papanek takes three decades of experience with clients ranging from Apple to Google and shares it in his new book, From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Relationships in the Heat of Change. His framework helps leaders develop the confidence to take these relationships to the next level. I recently asked him about his work.

Michael talks with Barry Moltz

Host Barry Moltz hears from Michael about resiliency in business relationships and what to do if you find yourself in a relationship where you are giving more than you get. Learn how to go From Breakdown to Breakthrough. Listen now.

In Defense of Brainstorming

Brainstorming’s highest value is not in producing the greatest number of ideas, but in (1) generating creative and innovate ideas, and (2) creating ownership for implementing those ideas. Marc Andreessen’s “Quote of the Week” last week was “Why brainstorming is a bad idea.” Andreessen quoted Frans Johansson’s book, The Medici Effect: “…In 1958…psychologists let groups […]

Driving Success? Try Fewer Controls.

Wired Science follows up a story on which this blog commented several months ago. Accidents have dropped by nearly half on a London street where traffic signs, guard rails, and road lines were removed. Some of the more recent accidents have been head trauma claims. “The drivers slow to gauge the intentions of crossing bicyclists […]

The State of The Union: Does Where You Stand Depend on Where You Sit?

Reactions to the idea that Democrats and Republicans sit together at the upcoming State of the Union speech have ranged from humor from Jon Stewart to cynical dismissal by Rush Limbaugh. I think the idea, while not the cure for all that ails Washington, does have some potential to impact the quality of discourse in […]

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