Every team is unique, with its own culture and relationships.


This tool assesses the business relationships on a specific team. It does not assess personalities or types.

As you answer the following questions, concentrate on the one team you wish to evaluate.

You can define “team” in any way that is most useful.  This could be your intact team, a cross functional or project team, but could also be a team with partners or other external members, or your larger organizational team.

The results are most useful when everyone on the team completes the assessment and then compares results.

Return at any time to assess another team.

How resilient is this team? #1

Question 1 of 9

Do you consider the relationships on the team to be synergistic, meaning that by working together you produce a greater result than what you would each produce as individuals?

How resilient is this team? #2

Question 2 of 9

When conditions change, or this team is under stress, or if they are asked for something new or for more from the team, how does the team tend to respond?

How resilient is this team? #3

Question 3 of 9

How much do you trust each other on this team?

How resilient is this team? #4

Question 4 of 9

How well or deeply do you know the other individuals on this team? Do you have a good understanding of each other as people, over and above your job titles and roles?

How resilient is this team? #5

Question 5 of 9

If team members had the ability to leave this team (and still keep their job), would they be likely to do so?

How resilient is this team #6

Question 6 of 9

How well do you connect with these individuals? What have you done recently to connect, beyond discussing how to deal with today’s problems and achieve your business results?

How resilient is this team? #7

Question 7 of 9

When was the last time the team had a discussion about upcoming challenges? Can you openly address conflicts that might be creating issues for the team or are some issues “un-discussable”?

How resilient is this team? #8

Question 8 of 9

What do you think each team member’s ultimate goal or intention is on this team? Are you each trying to do what is right for everyone and the good of the whole team, or are most people worried first and foremost about themselves?

How resilient is this team? #9

Question 9 of 9

How easy is it for you to influence each other on this team?  Are you each willing to sometimes change your point of view in order to be more successful as a group, or do you each mostly stick to your own way, regardless of input from other team members?

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