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Resilient Team Assessment

Do you have the team culture you need to succeed?

This page provides access to the Resilient Team Assessment. This assessment is offered as part of my new Agile Leadership course on Udemy, which provides the strategies and tools leaders need to build resilient, agile teams. For more information on the course and a free video, please go here: Udemy.com/AgileLeadership.

Resilient business relationships – strong, flexible and fair – are the foundation of Agile Teams: teams who can pivot together and produce sustainable results, especially under extreme stress and change. These are the rare teams who overcome challenges with productive action: both collaborative and decisive, they do not avoid conflict but use it to release the full potential of the entire group.

The assessment is based in part on the interviews I conducted with top Silicon Valley leaders for my book: From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Building Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change.

This assessment will help you understand what kind of team culture you currently have across the three dimensions of resilient business relationships: strong, flexible and fair.

When multiple members of the same team complete the assessment, you can compare results to learn how your perspectives align and where they do not. The more members of the team that complete the assessment, the more useful the results are, so please share this with your team!

For more practical theories about leadership, teamwork and change, please go here.

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