Dealing with Abrasive Leadership: Change is Possible!

We have all worked with an abrasive or “toxic” manager, and as an executive coach, I am often helping my clients “deal with” a difficult manager they work for, or working directly with the manager others find abrasive and difficult. I have a love-hate relationship with these situations because I am attracted to the opportunity to show real value and change that will improve people’s lives at work, yet challenged by the difficulty of making a positive impact on a situation others have failed to change.

Driving Success? Try Fewer Controls.

Wired Science follows up a story on which this blog commented several months ago. Accidents have dropped by nearly half on a London street where traffic signs, guard rails, and road lines were removed. Some of the more recent accidents have been head trauma claims. “The drivers slow to gauge the intentions of crossing bicyclists […]

The Fair Leader

Dave, Director of Global Alliances and Strategic Partnerships at a top search and advertising company in Silicon Valley.  The Scenario: Dave was given the opportunity to apply for a new position at his company outside his direct area of experience. During the interview process, Dave met the two people who would report to him as […]

The Change Maker

Scott, former top Network and Data Center executive at Yahoo! and Apple, CEO of his own startup. The Scenario: Scott had a reputation as a hard hitter, for more reasons than one. Scott approached his work somewhat similarly to the way he approached his hobby, boxing: protect yourself and your team, attack anyone who gets […]

The Hardheaded Executive

Bill, senior sales executive at a prominent global investment firm. The Scenario: Bill is very hardworking, extremely successful, and tough as nails. Unfortunately, over time he had developed a reputation of being so hard on others that some staff had become reluctant to work with him. Finally, despite his consistent and “masterful” numbers, the CEO, […]

The Aspiring Visionary

Mary, senior director of product development at a highly-regarded consumer products company. The Scenario: Mary is a highly skilled project manager who is passionate about her work. When she was tasked with implementing new cross-functional innovation approaches at her company — which required not only taking on leadership of a new team but also influencing key […]

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